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HOUSE RENOVATION – involves internal building work, including anything from breaking down walls, stripping and installing flooring, installing or changing windows, painting, stripping and refinishing doors, fixing ceilings, changing lighting etc.

REDESIGN OF BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS – can involve a simple update, a complete overhaul or anything in between.

EXTENSIONS – involve extending verandas and/or roofs, adding on bathrooms or bedrooms, or adding or extending anything else to make your home or premises larger.

SUPPLIER LIAISON AND MANAGEMENT – after many years in the trade we have a group of excellent suppliers across all fields who understand our standards. We deal with them directly so that you maintain one point of contact.

FULL BUDGETING AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT - we will put together a comprehensive budget covering each supplier, allowing you to pay the supplier directly and thereby maintain transparency. L<R>C will project manage the builders and all suppliers onsite.

SPECIFICATION OF FINISHES – we keep ourselves in the know about new products so we can propose finishes or take you shopping for finishes.

GARDEN DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION – we can help design your garden or help you choose landscapers. Gardening can be very expensive so it is important to get your layout correct.

INTERIOR DESIGN – we offer design solutions for your home or office. We can assist with everything from furnishing, curtaining, flooring, lighting, tables, area rugs to accessories.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN –we can assist with your architectural design and relay this to a draftsman for a fraction of the price.

CUSTOM FURNITURE DESIGN – how often do you go out in search of a piece of furniture which never ticks all the boxes? We can source custom furniture to fit your needs.

MAINTENANCE – we all know that if you don’t attend to a maintenance issue when it presents itself, before long you have a mountain of maintenance ahead of you. We offer electrical work, tiling, carpentry, painting, sanding and any other home or office maintenance you require.

ACCESS TO ALL FABRIC HOUSES – Most of fabric houses won’t sell directly to the public and require you to go through a designer. We have access to ALL the fabric houses, and can order fabric for you.

CUSHIONS, CURTAINING & UPHOLSTERY – window dressing and soft furnishings can make a room. We have cushion and curtain makers who we’ve been dealing with for years. If your couch or chairs need a face lift we have upholsterers who can do the job for you.

PAINTING – painting is a very important part of maintaining your home. If not done correctly a paint job is money wasted. We have a team of painters who understand that painting is an art.

STYLING – we offer advice on office or home furniture layout. Placing items in the right place can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a room. Sometimes you just need to move items around to open the space up.