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About Us

L<R>C is a dynamic project management business, specialising in residential and commercial building and renovation projects. L<R>C assists clients in managing all aspects of their projects, from budget to design and build. We are able to recommend the necessary builders, suppliers, architects and draftsmen – from our experience we have excellent teams who are ready and waiting to make your dream come true.

At the outset using our services may add a small amount to your final project costs, but in many cases we can actually save you money (unmanaged building projects almost always end up over-budget), as well as taking away the stress of building. L<R>C will worry for you about what the builders and suppliers are doing! L<R>C provides personal, professional and friendly service on all projects, no matter how big or small. As a "small" business, we strive to keep our fees competitive and affordable to suit the current economic climate. L<R>C maintains transparent finances on all projects so that clients are always aware of what is going on and there are NO hidden costs.

L<R>C is absolutely committed to service excellence. To ensure the most personalised service, one consultant will oversee the project from initial brief right through to completion.

We believe that the creative aspect of a building or renovation project should be completely custom-designed and unique, and in keeping with or, where possible, improving upon, the existing atmosphere of the home or premises. On-going consideration will always be given to fixed budget allocations and designs created accordingly.